Our Rooms

Explorer's Room

Our baby room is designed to create a homely environment for babies aged 3 months to 18 months. We are dedicated to providing your baby with the quality comfort and care they need, whilst ensuring their individual requirements are met on a daily basis.

With their ever changing needs, we understand the importance of adapting and tailoring our activities to the individual child. During their day, our babies have the opportunity to engage in stimulating activities which include sensory exploration, creativity, story and singing times, physical activities and social and emotional play.

Discoverer's Room

Our toddler room welcomes children from 18 months to 3 years and is an exciting environment for children to enhance their individual personalities and skills.

All of the daily activities which are provided for your child will incorporate the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and are delivered in an enjoyable and imaginative way tailored around their personal interests and abilities.

To provide your child with further learning opportunities, we also offer continuous free flow into their outside environment where children can explore and learn in a wider way.

Inventor's Room

Our bright and spacious pre-school room is carefully planned and equipped with resources and activities focused around the Early Years Foundation Stage which your child can explore and engage upon, developing their learning opportunities both as an individual and with one another.

Along with all the enjoyment nursery life can offer, we also endeavour to support your child with their next transition of moving onto school. Independence and self-service is encouraged throughout the day, early reading and writing skills are encouraged and problem solving is introduced.

The Inventors Room continues to offer children daily free flow into their outside environment, allowing them to explore and investigate their learning opportunities further.

Sensory Room

We believe in providing children with the best chances during their early years and with our stimulating sensory room, we can expand the opportunities which we provide for your child.

All of the children have regular access to our enjoyable sensory room where activities are carefully planned to promote relaxation, inspiring and magical experiences. With a selection of sounds, textured surfaces and visual, contrasting colours, your child will be able to stimulate their five senses and enhance their personal development.

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